Meet our 2016 teams...

FTC Team 10247

The Trinity BaCoNeers

BaConeers team photo

At the largest FIRST Tech Challenge tournament yet held in Australia, the Trinity BaCoNeers were declared overall champions for 2016/17 and have won the right to take on the world in Houston, Texas at the World Championships.

The team not only built a great robot, but demonstrated true community leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in South Australia. This year, it was the 600+ hours of community outreach that really impressed the judges. The team promote STEM through the Adelaide Maker Faire, Science Alive and by mentoring teams in Adelaide and around the world.

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2016 FLL Team

Team BaCoN

Max from Team BaCoN 2016

We work with our mentors, Mr. Goh, to develop our programming skills and Mrs. O'Malley, who guides us in all things FIRST and helps us to develop our engineering and mechanical knowledge.

We have been experimenting with drive trains and linkages to design attachments for our robots.

We also love building and analyzing Lego Technic kits to get new ideas.

This season, our robot, BaCoN8r, finished fourth in the State Championships and the judges were impressed with our research project, an urban housing development that actively supports and encourages native wildlife.

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